Franklin Park Fire Company

Fire on Exterior of Apartment Building

Tuesday, March 18, 2014   At Approximately 1916hrs Station 31 was dispatched to Mustang Trail for the report of a fire in the exterior stairwell wall of an apartment building. Car 31 responded and Chief 31 established command. Chief 44 arrived and assumed operations. Chief 44 reported a fire in the wall of the staircase on the exterior of an apartment building. Engine 31 responded and the crew from Engine 31 used a water can to extinguish the fire. Crews also opened up the wall around the fire and found no extension to the building. Station 31 crews were assisted by DC44, Engine 442, Chief 35 and Engine 35. 



1st Alarm to Kendall Park

Friday, March 7, 2014   Franklin Park Fire Dept. was requested to respond to 16 Peter Ave. in South Brunswick for the working structure fire. Engine 31 responded and arrived right after Kendall Park Ladder 223. The crew from Engine 31 pulled a back-up line off of Engine 221 and stretched it into the structure. Crews assisted Kendall Park units with extinguishment and overhaul of the fire. Engine 31 was released by command and returned to District 2. 



Oven Fire in 1st Due

Thursday, February 20, 2014  At Approximately 2010hrs, Station 31 was dispatched to a reported kitchen fire in an apartment on Hempstead Dr. Car 31 arrived and Chief 31 established command. Chief 44 arrived and went into the apartment to investigate. Chief 44 found the fire out on arrival with a smoke condition in the residence. Engine 31, Truck 31 and Engine 44-2 responded. Fire was contained to the oven. Crews secured the utilities to the oven and ventilated the structure. 



Garage Collaspe

Thursday, February 20, 2014   At Approximately 1629hrs District 2 Fire Companies were dispatched to the above address for the garage collapse. FM 8B and G(Fire Inspectors) responded along with Squad 31 and Rescue 41. 31-C established command. Crews found a detached garage with a center collapse. It was determined that no one was inside. Utilities were secured to the structure by the resident. Franklin Township Building Dept. was notified and requested to respond. 



Mulch Fire

Saturday, January 4, 2014  At Approximately 1613hrs, Station's 31 and 44 dispatched Fama's Nursery for the reported mulch fire on the premises. Engine 31 responded and arrived on location along with. Upon arrival Engine 31's crew found a small fire in one of the larger mulch piles at the back of the property. Engine 31's crew deployed a bumper line for extinguishment while the property owner utilized a backhoe to overhaul the mulch pile. Engine 31's crew was supplied by Tanker 44 while Engine 44-2 stood-by in the event of another call. The fire was extinguished and all units cleared.



1st Alarm Condo Fire

Saturday, February 9, 2013   At Approximately 1229hrs Franklin Twp. District 2 Fire Companies were Dispatched to Arthur Glick Blvd. for the reported structure fire. Car 31 responded and established command. 31-A reported smoke showing and confirmed a working fire on the 2nd floor of a condominium. Engine 31 and Truck 31 arrived shortly after Car 31. Engine 31's Crew stretched a 1 3/4" line to make an initial attack on the fire while Truck 31's crew conducted a primary search.  The crew from Engine 353 laid a hydrant line to feed Engine 31 and Engine 41 stretched a backup 1 3/4" line off of Engine 31 to the second floor.   The fire was quickly knocked down and all searches were negative. The fire was contained to the room of origin and the second floor hallway. Overhaul was conducted and Companies assisted Fire Prevention with their investigation. Companies were on scene for Approximately 2 1/2 hours. District 2 Companies were assisted by Somerset Fire Co.with their RIC Team while Franklin Twp. Fire Dist 3 (Community Fire Co. and East Franklin Fire Co.)  stood by to cover any additional calls in Dist 2 or 3.



3 Alarm House Fire

Tuesday, January 22, 2013   At Approximately 20:21hrs Station 31 and station 35 were dispatched to Cobblers Cir. for the House Fire with numerous callers reporting fire showing.  Car 35 arrived and reported heavy fire and requested a second alarm.  Car 31 arrived and 31-A established command.  Engine 41, Engine 31 and Truck 31 arrived on location shortly after Car 31. Engine 41 was assigned to place a 2 1/2" protection line between the structures to stop fire spread into the neighboring buildings.   Engine 31's crew stretched a second 2 1/2" attack line threw the garage into the structure. Interior crews were met with heavy fire and forced to evacuate the residence due to the potential for structural collapse. Command ordered all units to set up for a defensive attack with Truck 31 and Ladder 25 utilizing master stream operations to knock down the bulk of the fire. Command requested a 3rd alarm due to freezing weather conditions (temperatures were 9 degrees)  and risk to exposures. Once the fire was knocked down command then ordered units to resume interior operations. Interior crews knocked down remaining hot spots and conducted extensive overhaul. Crews were on scene for Approximately 4 hours. Additional Companies that assisted were Community, Somerset, Middlebush, Elizabeth Ave, Millstone Valley, Kendall Park, North Brunswick #3, and Kingston.  



Mutual Aid To District 3

Monday, January 21, 2013  Truck 31 and Engine 31 responded into Franklin Twp. District 3 on a cover assignment. While District 3 companies worked on a structure fire on Drake Rd.



Dryer Fire In First Due

Saturday, January 5, 2013  At Approximately 1130hrs Franklin Fire District 2 was dispatched for a reported dryer fire. Car 31 arrived and 31-A reported a dryer fire in a second floor apartment. Squad 31 and Truck 31 went into service quickly after.  31-A Used a Dry Chemical Extinguisher to knock down the fire till Squad 31 arrived. Squad 31's Crew Knocked down remainder of fire with a water can. Fire was contained to the dryer unit with no extension. Crews Assisted 908(Fire Prevention) with their investigation. Station 31 was assisted by Stations 35 and 41 from District 2.



End of 2012

 As we begin 2013 we would like to thank all of our members for their dedication to our Department. In 2012 Franklin Park Fire Company Answered a Total of 308 Calls for service with no major injury to Firefighters. We've welcomed some new members over the year.

The Following Members were the Top 10 Responders for 2012:

  • Frank Kunz
  • Josh Kamen
  • Eric Murnieks
  • Steve Berardo
  • James Cooper
  • Chris Berardo
  • Cheyenne Nelson
  • Brian Leach
  • Bill Cooper
  • Pat Keogh

  • The Line Officers this Year are:

    Chief (31-A) - Chris Berardo 

    Deputy Chief (31-B) - James Cooper

    Safety Officer (31-S) - Stephen Berardo

    Squad Captain (31-C3) - Pat Keogh

    Truck Captain (31-C2) - Eric Murnieks

    Engine Engineer- Darren Nye

    Brush/Utility Engineer- Frank Kunz



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