Franklin Park Fire Company

Smoke Condition in Basement of Residence

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 23:50  At Approximately 2350hrs, Station 31 was requested to responded to a residence on Coppermine Rd. for the Smoke Condition in the basement. Chief 35 was on scene and had smoke in the residence. Engine 31 and Car 31 responded, with Chief 31 as operations.  Crews checked the Structure with T.I.C.'s and found no signs of heat or fire. Crews checked the basement and found the electrical panel had scorching on it. Residence was Ventilated and power was secured. Truck 31 was canceled while en route. Additional units on scene were Station 35, Station 41, and Station 53 (Rocky Hill). 



Smoke Condition In a Strip Mall

Wednesday, April 30, 2014   At Approximately 0940hrs, District #2 Fire Companies and Station 44(District 1) were dispatched to Hempstead Plaza  for the reported smoke condition in the building. Squad 31 responded and established command. Upon arrival FM8(Fire Inspectors) units had gained entry to the building though the the front door utilizing through the lock method. Investigation revealed that the tenant left a pot on the stove over night filling the building with smoke. Building was ventilated. All units cleared. 



Dumpster Fire

Sunday, April 20, 2014  At Approximately 1804hrs, Station 31 was dispatched to the area of Rockingham Dr. for a reported Dumpster Fire. Car 31 arrived and Chief 31 established command. While responding, companies were updated for reports of a second dumpster fire on Green Hill Manor Dr. Command found a dumpster on fire on Rockingham Dr. with no threatened exposures. Crew from Engine 31 and Engine 35 extinguished the fire with a front bumper line. Car 35 checked the rest of the development and found no signs of a second dumpster fire. Fire was extinguished and all units cleared. 



Open Burn

Sunday, April 20, 2014  At Approximately 1523hrs, Station 31 was dispatched to Mosher Rd. in the Griggstown Section for a reported brush fire. Car 31 responded along with Car 35. The Chiefs determined that there was no brush fire just an open burn in the backyard of a residence. Fire was extinguished and units cleared. 



Mutual Aid To Kendall Park

Sunday, April 13, 2014   At Approximately 1602hrs, Brush 31 was requested into the Kendall Park Section of South Brunswick Township for a brush fire on Stockton Rd. Brush 31 responded and assisted units on scene. Brush 31 was Released by command and returned to District 2. 



Brush Fire

Saturday, April 12, 2014  At Approximately 1438hrs Station 31 was dispatched to the intersection of Bunkerhill Rd. and Canal Rd. for the reported brush fire. Engine 31, Brush 31 responded to the scene. Chief 35 arrived and established command. Upon arrival units found a working brush fire approximately  1 acre in size behind several residences. Units went into service with multiple handlines for extiguishment. Fire was knocked down with no further extension to residences or additional brush. Additional Units on scene were Tanker 41, Brush 45, Tanker 45 and NJ State Forestry Service brush trucks. 



Brush Fire

Friday, April 11, 2014  At Approximately 1645hrs District 2 Fire Companies were dispatched to the area of Park Ln in the Griggstown section of town for a reported brush fire. Chief 35, Brush 31 and Tanker 41 responded and arrived on location with Chief 35 in command. Upon investigation a small brush fire that was extinguished by the resident was located at the back of the residence approximately 30x50 feet in size. Units on location checked to ensure the fire was out with no further signs of extension. State forestry also arrived and assisted in checking for extension. 



Mulch Fire/Smoke Condition

Tuesday, April 8, 2014   At Approximately 1637hrs District 2 Fire Companies were dispatched to a residence on Victoria Dr. for a smoke condition in the basement of the residence. Car 35, Squad 31 responded and arrived on location with Chief 35 in command. Upon investigation it was determined that the smoke in the callers basement was actually caused by a mulch fire just outside of the basement window.  Fire was extinguished by Squad 31 and FM8(Fire Inspectors) personnel utilizing water cans and a garden hose from a near by residence. No signs of extension, basement was ventilated and all units cleared. 



Mutual Aid to North Brunswick

Friday, March 28, 2014  At Approximately 2230hrs, Station 31 was requested into North Brunswick, for an engine to stand-by at North Brunswick Company 3 while the operated on a structure fire. Squad 31 stood-by in their quarters for about 2hrs. Squad 31 was released by command and returned to Town. 



Oven Fire In 1st Due

Monday, March 24, 2014  At Approximately 1446hrs, District 2 Fire Companies were alerted to a possible gas leak and oven fire in a residence on Edward Dr. Squad 31, Engine 41, and multiple FM8 Units(Fire Inspectors) responded and arrived on location with Chief 41 in command. Upon investigation by Crews it was discovered that the oven was on fire with a moderate smoke condition inside the residence. Crews knocked down the fire with a dry chemical extinguisher. The utilities were secured to the oven and the appliance was removed from the residence while the home was ventilated. No signs of extension, the oven was extinguished outside the residence with a water can. Upon further investigation it appeared that the resident had utilized the self cleaning feature of the oven but did not remove a frying pan which was inside the oven and caught fire.



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