Franklin Park Fire Company

Animal Rescue on Canal Rd.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015   At 1508hrs, District 2 was dispatched to Canal Rd. and Bunkerhill Rd. for the deer that fell down a well. Truck 31 responded along with Rescue 41 and FM8 units. Crews used rope to lift the deer out of the well. Deer was uninjured and took off into the woods. Franklin Twp. Animal Control and FTPD were on scene as well. 



Mutual Aid into North Brunswick

Tuesday, June 2, 2015   0201hrs, Station 31 was requested into North Brunswick to cover the town while the operated on a structure fire. Engine 31 responded and stood-by until being cleared by command without incident. 



Fire in a Gym

Sunday, May 24, 2015   At 0043hrs, Stations 31 and 35 were dispatched to Club Metro Gym for a Water Flow Fire Alarm. Car 31 arrived and found nothing showing after 360. Crew Gained Access to the business and found a light smoke condition with water run off from the men's locker room. Crew from Engine 31 investigated and found an activated head int he sauna. Crew shut down sprinkler system and found fire in the sauna. Crews extinguished the fire in the sauna and the walls around it. Scene was Turned over to Franklin Twp. Fire Prevention.  



Dumpster Fire in Front of Residence

Saturday, May 16, 2015  At 1327hrs, Station 31 and 35 were dispatched to Cobbles Cir. for the Dumpster Fire in front of the residence. Car 31 arrived and found a well involved dumpster within 10 feet of the residence. Crews from Engine 31 and Engine 35 extinguished the fire with a hand line and utilized foam due to the heavy fire load. 



Car into Building

Wednesday, April 29, 2015  At 1257hrs, District #2 was dispatched to the Lyon Ln. for the reported MVC with vehicle into a building. DC31,Engine 31 and Squad 31 responded and arrived on location with Deputy 31 in command. Upon investigation a single passenger vehicle drove up onto the grass and struck the residence listed above at the front door area of the home. Minor structural damage observed. Township building inspector called and responded to check the damage. The building was deemed safe by the inspector and fire units on scene assisted resident by forcing front door back into place so he could secure the home. All units made up and available Scene turned over to Police and Building department. Franklin Twp Fire Prevention Responded as well. 



1 Alarm Structure Fire

Friday, April 17, 2015   At 0102hrs, Station 31 along with Station 35 were requested to respond to Reler Ln. for a Smoke Condition in an apartment. While en-route Ladder 25 was requested to the scene due to Truck 31 being O.O.S. Car 31 arrived and upgraded the incident to a working fire. Chief 31 requested a District response along with Station 44 as a special call. Engine 31 arrived and crew stretched a line and found fire in the walls and floor on Division 2. Ladder 25's crew stretched a 2nd line into Division 1 and started pulling ceilings to hit the fire. Fire was Extinguished without incident and kept to a 1st Alarm.  Special Thanks to Community and Middlebush Fire Companies for assisting.  Scene was turned over to Franklin Twp. Fire Prevention



RIC into District 1

Saturday, April 11, 2015   While at Somerset County Fire Academy for a class. At 1228, Station 31 was Requested for a RIT assignment into District 1 for a Structure Fire on Willow Ave. Squad 31 and Car 31 responded from Hillsborough. Upon Arrival Squad 31 was told to lay a supply line to Engine 56-2 and for the crew to assist with extinguishing the fire on the C side of the structure. Squad 31 didn't set up for RIT due to being reassigned by command. Crews operated on scene for approximately 5 hours before being released by command. 



Mutual Aid into North Brunswick

Friday, April 10, 2015   At 2040hrs, Station 31 was requested to respond into North Brunswick to Cover the town while the operated on a Structure Fire. Engine 31 responded to Company 3's Quarters on Cozzens lane. Engine 31 was released by command. 



Assist EMS

Sunday, March 29, 2015   At 1709hrs, Station 31 was requested to respond to Fisher Dr. to force entry for EMS on a residence to gain access to a patient. Car 31 and Squad 31 forced the door and assisted EMS with Patient care. 



Wood Pile on Fire

Friday, March 20, 2015  At 1014hrs, District 2 Fire Companies were dispatched to an address on Rt. 518 for a report of a brush fire behind a structure. Squad 31, Engine 31 and FM8 (Fire Prevention) units responded. Squad 31 arrived and found a large wood pile on fire behind a commercial structure. Squad 31 used the deck gun to knock the fire down. Tanker 41 used a hand line with foam to extinguish the fire. Scene was Turned over to Fire Prevention and State Forestry Service. All District 2 Fire Companies were on scene along with Fire Prevention. 



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