Franklin Park Fire Company

Mutual Aid Warehouse Fire


Wednesday, July 22, 2015  At 0225hrs, Station 31 was requested to respond into North Brunswick to Stand-by at Company 3. Prior to going in service Station 31 was upgraded to the scene due to a fire in a warehouse. While putting Engine 31 in service, Command requested that Truck 31 respond as well. Engine 31 and Truck 31 responded to 1600 Livingston Ave. On Arrival 31 units were advised to set up on the D side of the building and go into master stream operations. Due to water supply issues Truck 31 and Engine 31 couldn't set up on that side of the building. Command reassigned both units into North Brunswick Manor and to hit the C side of the building from there. Engine 31 supplied Truck 31 with water for more then 12hrs. Crews faced heavy smoke due to being down wind of the fire. Engine 31 and Truck 31 cleared after 16hrs of fighting the fire.